Pickup Truck Slide-Ins

Polar Temp knows refrigeration!

From ice merchandisers to specialty freezer equipment, Polar Temp, a Division of Southeast Cooler Corp., has been manufacturing products for the ice and refrigeration industry since 1999. Our factory is located just west of Atlanta in Austell, Georgia. We pride ourselves in new and innovating products that can push the boundaries of our manufacturing capabilities. We use our knowledge and experience to create quality products and advance our reputation as a leader within this industry. Every refrigerated trailer and truck body that we manufacture is tested to ensure a quality product that will perform to our standards. Consequently, we strive to exceed the expectations of our loyal customers.

More models, more features, more value!

Polar Temp is proud to present our expanded catalog of refrigerated trailers and truck bodies. For nearly 20 years, Polar Temp has been manufacturing complete refrigeration systems and complete refrigerated storage that have exceeded customer expectations and have provided many with the necessary equipment to run their businesses. We use our refrigeration knowledge and years of experience in the ice industry to drive our company towards new and exciting products. When you purchase from Polar Temp, expect reliable performance, high-quality parts, and dependable service.

Using our extensive knowledge of refrigeration to build high-quality products, we now proudly offer over 45 different models of small refrigerated trailers and slide-in truck bodies that are ready-to-use straight from the factory. Standard features include a solid steel construction, a high performance box paint and finish, and a powerful R404A refrigeration system. Additionally, we offer customers a variety of optional features that will increase the value and utility of your purchase. Finally, our trailers can be painted in your choice of color or be wrapped in graphics with your company logo. Call us today to find the perfect refrigerated trailer for your budget and business.

Stand out on the road!

Choose from a range of colors to help set your trailer or truck body apart from the competition. Catch the eye of passersby and let potential customers know what your business is all about. We use a high-quality paint and finish on all models to help the unit withstand the effects of Mother Nature and endure the test of time. Our units are also perfect canvases for vinyl decals, custom signage and wraps!

Versatility of Refrigerated Trailers and Truck Bodies

Polar Temp refrigerated trailers help hundreds of businesses across the US every day. Customers use them to transport food and perishables to far-off locations. Restaurant owners can store excess stock in their trailer when their walk-in freezers are full. Regardless of what you use it for, a Polar Temp refrigerated unit is a sound investment that will provide many years of service.

New refrigeration configurations increase our current selection of refrigerated trailers and truck bodies to over 45 different models! Using a powerful R404A refrigeration system, our units stay colder and protect your temperature-sensitive cargo. More unit sizes, 3 different refrigeration styles and a wide selection of unit features and options make Polar Temp the industry leader of mobile refrigerated trailers and truck bodies. Our trailers are highly sought after for their versatility and unrivaled value. Invest into the future of your business and choose Polar Temp for your next equipment purchase.

All Polar Temp products are proudly made in the United States but are shipped and delivered to locations around the world. From sunny Florida to our neighbors in the North, you can find Polar Temp products working efficiently and effectively in a variety of environments. We test every unit that we manufacture to ensure that everything works and is ready to tackle the rigors of the road. Our customers have high expectation from us and industry experience and knowledgeable staff help us meet those expectations.


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