Model VT400CW

Low Profile, Outdoor, Cold Wall, Slant-Front, Double Solid-Doors Ice Merchandiser

Polar Temp’s Model VT400AD keeps your product at just the right temperature year-round in the harshest of environments. Its low-profile, 49″ height fits easily under store windows, and increases employee awareness with an unobscured view.. Its robust and efficient 1/4 horsepower refrigeration system uses environmentally friendly R-448A as its refrigerant. R-448A reduces the potential for global warming by almost two-thirds and is approved for use in all fifty states.

The Ceram-A-Star® high-performance white finish is superior in both scratch and weather resistance, keeping maintenance costs low and your merchandiser looking new for many years to come.

With 3 inches of insulation in the top and bottom of all merchandisers, Polar Temp Ice Merchandisers are some of the best insulated in the industry. Ecomate® foam-in-place insulation is EPA-approved, has no ozone depletion potential, and is thermally-efficient, keeping your operating cost to a minimum.

The insulated aluminum door with heavy-duty hinges has welded corners and is steel reenforced, making these doors extremely durable. The magnetic gaskets guarantee a perfect seal, keeping the cold in and keeping your product fresh and sellable longer.

Model Number VT400CW

  • 26-gauge pre-painted steel exterior/26-gauge galvanized steel interior
  • Solid Insulated Door with TPE, Magnetic, Positive-Seal Gasket – Self-Closing
  • Top-Mounted Refrigeration System with Low Global Warming Potential – EPA Compliant
  • Copper Tube In Wall Evaporator with Capillary Tube – Cold Wall (CW)
  • Ecomate® foamed-in-place insulation: VOC-compliant, EPA Approved, No Ozone Depletion, No Global Warming, Environmentally Friendly, Thermally Efficient
  • ETL Electrical Safety Listed (in accordance to UL471 Standard – 10th Edition)
  • Electronic Control System Gives Service Friendly Fault Codes
  • Floor Racks
  • Solid Injection Molded Feet
  • Caster Frame (4″ Casters with 2″ x 2″ x 1/4″ Aluminum Angle Perimeter Frame)
  • Electronic Control Special Programming
  • Bright Aluminum Diamond Plate Kick Plate
  • 24 ” LED Lights (One LED kit per cabinet)
  • ETL Sanitation Listed (in accordance to NSF7 Standard)
  • ETL Sanitation Listed (in accordance to NSF 7 Standard) with shelves
  • Stainless Steel Cantilevered Shelves
  • Shelf/Pilaster, 50 lb. maximum
  • Stainless Steel Liners and Panels
  • Remote Two-Door Locking System
  • Custom Paint
  • Upsized Hermetic Refrigeration
  • Various Electrical Options Available (various voltages, 50 or 60 hertz)
  • 3″ Insulation All Around (Top, Bottom, Front, Back, and Sides)
  • Door Opening Ice Breaker Bar
  • TX Valve Metering Device

Model VT400CW Specifications

Dimensions & Weight

Width70.25 inches
Depth135 inches
Exterior Height249 inches
Door Width27 inches
Door Height27 inches
Door Opening Width23.25 inches
Door Opening Height23.25 inches
Crated Weight350 lbs
Uncrated Weight210 lbs

Interior Volume51 cubic inches
20 lb Bag Capacity351 bags
8 lb Bag Capacity3120

Merchandiser TypeOutdoor
Merchandiser StyleSlant
Door StyleSwing
Door TypeSolid
Number of Doors2

Voltage4115 volts
Hertz60 hertz
PhaseSingle phase

Refrigeration TypeCold Wall
Temperature Range10 - 20° F
Compressor LocationSide Mounted

DOE Compliant5Yes
ETL Listed6Yes
ETL Sanitation Listed7Optional
  1. For depth measurements of indoor, upright style merchandisers, add 3.5" for the glass door and handle. For depth measurements of outdoor, upright style merchandisers, add 3.5" for the rain guard. For depth measurements of slant-front style merchandisers, add 1'' for the solid door and handle. For depth measurements of auto defrost models with an electric condensation pan, add 5.25".

  2. The height measurement is inclusive of the hood (compressor)

  3. Bag Capacity was calculated by measuring up to the "Fill Line" in Auto Defrost Merchandisers (the area above the Fill Line contains the evaporator and room around the evaporator that is necessary for air circulation). Cold Wall Merchandisers do not have an evaporator or a Fill Line, and thus the entire interior of these merchandisers can be used for ice storage. Calculations account for decreased room due to slant in slant-front merchandisers. Ice bag capacity is approximate. The method and location of bag tie-off, as well as the type and size of ice used, can affect bag capacity.

  4. 15-amp circuit required for each model

  5. DOE Compliant - meets U.S. Department of Energy standards

  6. ETL Listed - meets electrical safety standards in accordance to UL 471, 10th Edition

  7. ETL Sanitation Listed - meets sanitation standards in accordance to NSF 7